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Memorial Video

Our legacy is defined by the lives we’ve lived. The passing of a loved one can best be celebrated by sharing of memories. The Memorial Video does just that. Our Memorial Videos contain pictures and video to help celebrate a life. In times past, we've arranged video interviews with aging family members to allow stories and memories to be share this helps bring the happiest times of a loved one’s past to life and gives new generations and understanding of their family history.

Birthdays and Anniversaries

There are certain events that mark our transition through life. Special birthdays are one of these measures. Make that Quincinera, Sweet Sixteen or any birthday a memory you can relive again and again with a Birthday Video. We also offer services geared toward formal birthdays and anniversary parties.


Capturing a wedding is much more than just having a video camera. It requires knowledge of camera placement, specialized equipment like wireless microphones, an understanding of editing to make the most of a shot. Remember that special event forever. Standard package starts with 2 HD cameras, 2 camera operators, wireless microphones for the every person participating in the wedding with a speaking part and editing for $1499.


We offer services for bands looking to make a live Concert DVD and/or CD without breaking the bank. Our packages start with 3 HD cameras and 24 tracks of audio that will be mixed and mastered and a mastering DVD/CD. We will work with the audio professional of your choice or we can refer you to audio engineers we've worked with.

Corporate Events, Training and Advertising

Record your corporate events for future reference and produce training videos that will aid your company's HR departments new employee orientation and safety instruction. We also specialize in distribution over the web for your training video. Reduce distribution costs and increase productivity by allowing the flexibility of distributing over the web or company network. We also specialize in advertisement production services, including writing, storyboarding and producing video advertisements for TV and other distribution methods.

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