Question: How do payments normally work?

  • Traditionally, after a quote for services is executed, but before any actual production begins, 50% of the quoted price is requested.

Question: How do I get an Estimate?

  • Click here. Or here, or the contact us button at the top of the page. Send us an email. No two projects are the same and we offer competive prices based upon your specific needs - not a package.

    Rates are often in the form of cost per finished minute for shorter, more detailed projects, a flat fee for a project, or cost per picture for slide shows

Question: What formats/cameras do you shoot?

  • Our primary field prouction camera is a Panasonic HVX-200. It shoots DVCHD, a priopority codec written by Pansonic. The camera shoots directly onto digital storage cards or a hard drive.

    Our primary production type camera is a Canon t2i HD SLR camera.  This provides a very pretty and filmic like image.